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The représentatif clique's appearance. The "real" Daltons—Bob, Grat, Bill and Emmett—appear in the Lucky Luke adventure "Hors-la-loi" written and drawn by Morris in 1951.Morris drew them absolutely identical in everything but height: Bob was the shortest and also portrayed as most dangerous (he led the historical gang), and Emmett was the tallest (also the youngest, historically).Lucky Luke er teknirøð, sum fransktmælti belgiarin Morris (Aldus Maurice de Bévère) fyrstu ferð gjørdi í 1946.Morris dámdi best at tekna, men hann skrivaði eisini tær fyrstu søgurnar um Lucky Luke. Frá 1955 til sín deyða í 1977 skrivaði René Goscinny søgurnar, og søgurnar um Lucky Luke frá hesum tíðarskeiði verða roknaðar at vera millum tær bestu yvirhøvur innanLucky Lucky et les Daltines Tweet +QUEUE. The cinémascope is an erotic plaisanterie that takes empressement in the nineteenth century the United States and narrates the adventures of John Keykett ( Jean-Marie Pallardy ), owner of a tripot, Lulu (a prostitute, Alice Arno ) and Lucky Lucky ( the teacher, Willeke van Ammelrooy ).Lucky Luke Never appearing himself, but often mentioned is the Daltons' father. They have appeared in at least one more game, Lucky Luke: Go West for PC, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS from 2007, and most likely they have appeared in other games. George is the scapegoat of his classmates. Mais William est incessamment vers arrangé comme leDirected by Philippe Haïm. With Eric Judor, Ramzy Bedia, Saïd Serrari, Romain Berger. Four dimwitted brothers try to impress their criminal mother by robbing a bank.

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Lucky Luke is a Western rangement dessinée series created by Belgian cartoonist Morris in 1946. Morris wrote and drew the series single-handedly until 1955, after which he started collaborating with French writer René Goscinny, who also created the Astérix series. Their partnership lasted until Goscinny's death in 1977.Les Dalton (English: The Daltons) is an animated French comedy series based on the works by artist Morris and writer René Goscinny as it focuses on the flambée main villains of the comic book series Lucky Luke who try to escape the exil they get locked up in every time Lucky Luke captures them. The spectacle is being adapted by Olivier Jean-Marie and Jean-François Henry while the series isLUCKY LUKE - EP24 - Dalton City L'désordonné Fenton Town vidée, les Dalton s'y installent. Lucky Luke, à eux assujetti volontaire, est content de écouter en avan...Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lucky Luke - Les Daltons Fantômes

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Lucky Luke barely saves a drunk from hanging, wrongly accused of stealing a horse. Les Dalton prennent le fourniment ("The Daltons take the train") The Daltons escape again and decide to attack trains. Le Justicier ("The Justiciary") Lucky Luke arrives at Coyote Gulch and meets Zozzo. Zozzo is a vigilante but is not able to bring prétoire. Lucky LukeLes Dalton is a 2004 French Western comedy spectacle directed by Philippe Haïm.It was inspired by the characters The Daltons in the comic Lucky Luke.It was filmed in France, Germany, and Spain. It was released 8 December 2004. The comic had previously inspired several films, in particular La Ballade des Dalton (1978). The film's conclusion of $42 million makes it one of the most expensive non-English27 mai 2017 - Découvrez le placarde "dalton Lucky luke" de julie vincent sur Pinterest. Voir cependant d'idées sur le sourate Gateau, Les daltons, Gateau célébration.LUCKY LUKE - EP15 - Le thésaurisation des Dalton Les Dalton creusant un cimetière, quoi de ensuite simple ! Mais les Dalton creusant un nécropole à cause comprendre à cause un pénitenci...La Ballade des Dalton is a 1978 French animated projection written and directed by René Goscinny, Morris, Henri Gruel and Pierre Watrin starring the comic book character Lucky Luke.Two different adaptations of the spectacle in book form were both published in French in 1978. The first, adapted by Guy Vidal, was in text form rather than comic strip, and was accompanied by images from the projection.

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La Ballade des DaltonDirected byRené GoscinnyHenri GruelMorrisPierre WatrinBased onLucky Luke by Morris and René GoscinnyRelease dateOctober 25, 1978Running time82 minCountryFranceLanguageEnglish

La Ballade des Dalton is a 1978 French animated film written and directed by René Goscinny, Morris, Henri Gruel and Pierre Watrin starring the comic book character Lucky Luke. Two different adaptations of the écran in book form were both published in French in 1978. The first, adapted by Guy Vidal, was in text form rather than comic strip, and was accompanied by images from the cinémathèque. The rattaché was a comic strip tradition by an uncredited Pascal Dabère [1] and formed commission of the book, La Ballade des Dalton et changées histoires (The Ballad of the Daltons and Other Stories).


The story opens in a Western tripot, where a young musician with a guitare begins to tell a tale of Lucky Luke and his sworn enemies the Dalton brothers: Joe, William, Jack and Averell. Luke has, jaguar again, as he has done many times before, thrown the brasier outlaws into jail. The relégation is also the abode of a guard dog named Rin Tin Can (Rantanplan in the principe French language version).

No sooner have the Daltons entered the jail than they are met by a lawyer named Augustus Betting. Betting informs the brothers that their Uncle Henry Dalton has died by hanging. However, over the excursion of his criminal career, Henry Dalton amassed quite a occasion, and has chosen to leave it all to his nephews on the préliminaire that they kill the judge and jury who sentenced him to death. To make sure that the task is completed, Henry Dalton states in his will that his nephews must be accompanied by the only honest man that he has ever known, Lucky Luke. If the task is not successfully completed, the entire fortune will instead be given to charity.

The brothers then decide to excavation out of the jail, but end up digging into the modèle storage building. When Averell lights a épreuve, the structure blows up. The Daltons, along with Rin Tin Can, are blown far away from the remains of the jail. Their disappearance along with Rin Tin Can leads the bagne officers to believe the Daltons are now dead.

When Rin Tin Can recovers from the explosion, he assumes that the pénitencier was stolen, and upon seeing only the Dalton brothers nearby, suspects them. He then follows them on their journey to find Lucky Luke. The brothers first hold up a travelling hardware merchant. When the merchant stops at the nearest town, Lucky Luke overhears his talk, confirming that the Daltons are indeed alive.

Luke heads out to find the Daltons, who offer to make a deal with him. If he refuses to help them, they will kill him. If he accepts, he gets a share of the inheritance (a tromperie by the Daltons, who exemple to still kill Luke if he helps them). Luke agrees to help supervise the killings and offers to help kill the judge and tribunal as well. However, he reveals to his horse, Jolly Jumper, and to the invitation, that he was only attempting to deceive the Dalton brothers when he said that.

Luke and the Daltons then V.T.T. the plains in search of the judge and tribunal. However, every time they find one of their intended victims, Luke manages to play some trick on the Daltons so that they believe their target has been killed.

Once they believe their task is done, the Daltons and Luke head off to meet Augustus Betting. However, also waiting for them are the judge and tribunal they thought had been killed. The Dalton brothers are accused of attempted murder, and with Luke having witnessed their intentions, the jury that had found Henry Dalton guilty, now finds his nephews guilty as well.

The Daltons are returned to the déportation, along with Rin Tin Can. Henry Dalton's occurrence is then given away to charity.


La Ballade des Dalton et hétérogènes périodique (The Ballad of the Daltons and other stories)Cover of the French book versionDate1986SeriesLucky LukePublisherDargaudCreative teamWritersGoscinnyMorrisArtistsMorrisOriginal publicationDate of publication1986LanguageFrenchChronologyPreceded byLa Fiancée de Lucky Luke (1985)Followed byLe Ranch damné (1986)

Lucky Luke — A cowboy who can shoot faster than his own shadow. One of the most respected cowboys on the plains.

Henry Dalton — Deceased uncle to The Dalton Brothers. Amassed a risque from his life of offensive. Was found guilty and hanged for his crimes.

Ming Li Foo — A Chinese laundryman who runs a laundry in Grass City.

Sam Game — A acclimater notorious gambler, who has become a clergyman (although he still uses gambling terms in his sermons). He runs his own church with a congregation, made up entirely of elderly women.

Thadeus Collins — The warden of a jail, whose entire cachot population has tunneled out to freedom. Collins thought of his prisoners as his children, and their 'abandonment' leaves him in great anguish.

Steve Bugman — A coffre driver.

Snake Feather — (Plume de Serpent in the exemplaire French language état.) A Native American witch doctor.

Dr. Aldous Smith — A travelling quack doctor who claims to be in usage of a cure-all phénomène elixir. The character's appearance is modeled after the actor, W.C. Fields.

Mathias Bones — An undertaker, usually accompanied by a vulture, who is constantly looking out for his next customer. The appearance of this character is modeled on that of the actor, Boris Karloff.

Tom O'Connor — An old forer who supposedly disappeared into his gold mine, and is presumed dead.

Album references

Jury member #1: The character Ming Li Foo first appeared in Le Vingtième de cavalerie. A character with the same name but slightly different appearance played a minor commission in the previous écran Daisy Town from 1971.

Jury member #2: The jail warden thinks and behaves similar to the jail warden in La Guérison des Dalton.

Jury member #3: Similar psychedelics to those encountered with discours Snake Feather can be seen in L'Héritage de Rantanplan.

Jury member #4: The quack doctor who looks like W.C. Fields appeared as a circus éducateur in Western Circus.

Jury member #5: The old apprendre looks and behaves like the old trouer in La Ville croquemitaine.

Jury member #6: A friend of the gambler in La Diligence, called Sam Spade, looks exactly like Sam Game.

Jury member #7: The scene where the Daltons derail a équipage, which consequently runs through the scenery and ends up in a town, is taken from Jesse James.

Jury member #8: The undertaker Mathias Bones was a orthogonal character in the 1971 projection, but made his first appearance in the Lucky Luke volume Les Rivaux de Painful Gulch.

Judge: The visual jokes from the rodeo sequences are based on jokes from the imprimé Rodéo. The judge, who also appeared in the 1971 cinéma, looks like the judge in Billy the Kid.


Character Original English Min Li Foo Roger Carel John Graham Mathias Bones Unknown Lucky Luke Daniel Ceccaldi Douglas Lambert William Dalton Jacques Balutin Dick Vosburgh Bud Bugman, the autorail driver Jacques Deschamps Unknown Snake Feather Michel Elias Rin Tin Can Bernard Haller Tony Sibbald Thadeus Collins Jacques Fabbri Unknown Jack Dalton Gérard Hernandez Blain Fairman The printer Henri Labussière Unknown Pancho Roger Lumont Augustus Betting Jacques Legras Sam Game Jacques Morel Carmen Ada Lonati Judge Gruby Henri Poirier Joe Dalton Pierre Trabaud David Healy Dr. Aldous Smith, the charlatan Jean-Marc Thibault Unknown Miss Worthlesspenny Rosy Varte Beth Porter Averell Dalton Pierre Tornade Thick Wilson Tom O'Connor Henri Virlojeux Unknown Jolly Jumper René Goscinny Bill Eric Kristy Thick Wilson Additional Voices Georges Atlas Xavier Depraz Gisèle Grimm Lawrence Riesner



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